Friday, September 30, 2011

First solo trip coming up - Tampa to Atlanta

Brent here.

I have some meetings coming up next week in Atlanta. I've decided rather than endure that torturous exercise that is flying on an airline, I'm going ride my motorcycle. This will be the first time I've ridden "somewhere." I've done long days, up to almost 400 in a day, but always ended up back home. I'm giving myself two days in each direction so I'm not too rushed and have time to enjoy the trip.

I'm planning on taking US19 up into Georgia on Tuesday and then taking US41 the rest of the way on Wednesday. According to Google maps, it's going to be about 450 miles each way. That means I should get there on 3 tanks of gas at about $14 each. Not bad. I'll be riding back on Thursday and Friday to meet my family in Orlando for a little weekend vacation at the place with the most awesome pool on Earth, the Grand Cypress. Google it..the pool is sweet.

I'll update soon but wanted to go ahead and get this posted.

Until next time...

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